My longform nonfiction story “The Lines We Draw” has been published by Hen Press. You can purchase and download the eBook, The Lines We Draw, on AmazoniBooks, and Barnes & Noble.




My essay “Soiled Hands” has been published in this anthology Primate People: Saving Nonhuman Primates through Education, Advocacy and Sanctuary  (University of Utah Press), edited by Lisa Kemmerer.




My Essay “Small Small Redemption” has been published in a wonderful anthology called Sister Species: Women, Animals and Social Justice (University of Illinois Press)




Many of my articles, interviews, editorials and reviews have been published in Satya Magazine, which ceased publication in 2007.




Selections of my work can also be seen at  n+1, Local Knowledge, Hippocampus Magazine,  Open City,  West View NewsThe L Magazine, SolveClimate, and the Philadelphia Weekly,, Our Hen House, and The Tottenville Review.

A link to my TedX Talk at Cooper Union.:

As an Associate for  Brighter Green, I’ve been  blogging there as well, and contributed to Brighter Green’s Project on Climate Change and the Globalization of Factory Farming and the production of videos on India’s poultry and dairy industries.

The Factory Farming of Chickens in India:

India’s Cows and Climate Change Part I

India’s Cows and Climate Change Part II

 I also provided Research Assistance on The Challenge for Africa (Pantheon 2009) by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai.

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